Travelling Tailor

It’s impossible to appreciate a fabric through images alone. Book your appointment with your personal stylist in your own city at the leisure of your own home or office, and we’ll be there.

Our Upcoming Travels In 2024

Roger has been meeting and greeting clients at their convenience from all over the world. With our haul of fabric collection and bespoke suit on our backs, we travel worldwide to reach our clients who may otherwise be too busy to shop in retail stores. With prevailing demand of sartorial fashion, we bring to your door steps the luxury and affordability of bespoke tailoring. Do not miss out on our next visit and stay tuned for our upcoming travel itinerary. Our exact dates and cities are posted below and updated regularly.

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7th-17th, 2024

Belgium & Netherlands

27th February- 2nd March


2nd March – 13th March


21st May – 31st May