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We offer personalized service customized to clients’ specific preferences. Come and explore the wide range of bespoke tailoring options with finest quality and exceptional fit.

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Best Bespoke Tailor Experience

At Roger The Tailor, we truly value your tailor experience, from selecting the best material to utilizing the best craftsmen available.  Every part of the construction is carried out the old fashioned way – by hand from the cutting of the cloth to the stitching of the final button hole.

We Fit Every Body

Our garments fit every body shape and every fashion style. Hundreds of fabrics and thousands of design options. Buying at Roger The Tailor is a brand new experience. No infinite scroll, no size hesitation, always in stock. A fashion brand that adapts to you. (Made to measure = all sizes.)

Zero Waste Production

We only make garments that are going to be worn. No overstocks dumped on landfills. Plus, we try to offer a diverse range of sustainable fabrics and to optimize our processes to reduce our environmental footprint.

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Book an appointment with us today and let’s get your new bespoke custom tailored clothes for you.